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Book Review: Searching for Sunday by Rachel Held Evans

Searching for Sunday

was the first book of 2018 that I read. I’ve purposely avoided anything Christian for a few years. However, I found myself longing for the sense of purpose I felt when I was “all in” on evangelical Christianity. I graduated from the same college as Rachel, and have felt a connection as I find so many similarities in our stories.
While this book isn’t related to LGBT+ issues directly, it certainly touches on these topics as Rachel navigates the lose and finding of her faith – something I’m still in the middle of.

This is now the third book by Rachel that I’ve read: every one digs closer and closer to my heart. I’m following the path she took: graduated from Bryan College and lost my faith to crushing doubt. While I haven’t made it all the way back around to the church yet, Rachel makes that path hopeful.

She writes so that her experiences become the readers’, feeling the very emotions she felt sitting in a dwindling church, walking through an Alabaman monastery, or criticising every word from a pastor’s pulpit in church.

It’s a subtle but wonderful blend of narrative, theological treatise, and biting rebuke of the modern Christian movement. I’ve avoided church for years now, but Rachel’s work reminds me that church or religion, or Christianity doesn’t have to be what I always thought it meant. I’m reminded that it’s okay to keep searching.

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