Hi, I’m Maddie!

I’m a writer, teacher, and currently a barista. I write about gender, the queer community, parenting, and the love/loss/hatred/love again of faith – and finding your identity in that blurry mess.

I am from Chattanooga, TN and have spent most of my life here. Private, conservative christian education carried me from birth well into college. Since graduating in 2013, I’ve stopped trying to undo what I once considered a “waste of money and time” and instead try to use my experiences to help those in the same place: queer in christian college, progressively more radical than your friends and family, trying to find a new worldview when yours was ripped violently out from under you.

Forcing myself to do the jobs I assumed were expected of me, navigating a new marriage, and obsessively asking myself “who am I” lead me down a path of anxiety, honesty, and despair. I came out as transgender to my wife in 2015, we welcomed our son into the world in 2016, and I came out publicly in 2018.

Since then, I’ve stretched myself in writing , exploring, and opening myself to the world to understand who I am and how I can bring my life to help others live their best life possible.

I write about LGBT issues, gender identity, and sexuality at Medium.

I use the [future topic] to publicly self-help others and self-sabotage myself on the [future coming] podcast.

I speak and lead some workshops regarding gender and sexuality (101 level for everyone), and am available to share my story of intersecting gender, religion, family, and culture.